Our Story

How it all started...

Gina and I grew up in big cities knowing the incredible need for hope in the urban environment. Our lives were changed later in our teen years when we met Jesus through the church in Miami. Soon after that God began to make some things very clear to us; He was calling us to join Him in what He was doing in the world. He was placing a passion in our hearts for a generation who don’t know God. He was preparing us to start a movement. We have served in full time ministries for 20 years, from Florida to New Jersey.

Our lives were changed by Jesus, and we know if there is any hope for the world it is through Him. Our dream is to start a movement through our churches that will turn cities into beacons of hope through Jesus.

Expanding the vision...

The movements we are focusing on now through Luminous City are the basis of our I Love My City events. Our focus is on 3 main points or heartbeats. We want to eradicate Child Hunger, Sex Trafficking, and Young Adult Homelessness. We don't want to reinvent the wheel on serving people. So in order to make this happen, we partner with local non-profits, organizations, and churches to love our city.

Where we are headed...

For 2020 we are going to lean more into the mission of Luminous City church.

Helping people follow Jesus: (weekend service)
  • Growing our 10:45am service
  • Preparing for a second service

Giving people hope: (growth track & city groups)
  • Launching a discipleship group, young adults group, youth group
  • Equipping inspiring more people that come to our church through Growth Track

Empowering people to make a difference: (hope crews & I love my city)
  • Continuing to see Hope Crews grow so more people can be served inside and outside
  • Deepening our I Love My City partnerships-man power and financially

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday online to be filled with the hope of Jesus together at 10:45am & 5:00pm